Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Museum

Ponce Inlet, FL

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The Boatyard Area

The F.D. Russell Tugboat

Tugboat stern view from viewing platform

Fishing Charter Boat

Stern view of the Gay Wind

Cuban Raft Exhibit

Cuban Raft 1

Cuban Raft 2

The woodshed, now a video theater

The Privy was on the side of the woodshed

Privy entrance, just a 1 holer

Plaque at base of flagpole

Entrance to lighthouse

Second Assistant Keepers Dwelling

Second Assistant Keepers Dwelling

Principal Keepers Dwelling

Katie in front of Principal Keepers Dwelling

First Assistant Keepers Dwelling

First Assistant Keepers Dwelling

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse soars to 175 feet, and is the tallest lighthouse in Florida


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Winter 2005 - 2006