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Entrance to Ponce Lighthouse

View of Atlantic Ocean from top of lighthouse

The Ponce Inlet from top of lighthouse

View of Indian River where it joins Ponce Inlet

View of Halifax River from top of lighthouse

Low tide in the Halifax River

Top view of stairway inside of lighthouse

That's Katie on the top

Base of lighthouse is 32 feet in diameter and tapers to 12 feet at the top

Inside of Lens Exhibit Building

One of two fully restored first order Fresnel Lenses

Second fully restored first order Fresnel Lense

Base of Fresnel Lense

1,000 Pound Bronze Bell

Oil Storage Building built in 1887, restored in 1989

Kerosene Tanks, approximately 5 gallons of kerosene was burned per night to light the lens

16th Century Anchor Exhibit

16th Century Anchor

Kedge Anchor Exhibit

Kedge Anchor


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