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John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Key Largo, FL  MM102.5


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A view from the observation tower at the visitors center of the Marina

Stern view of our glass bottom boat

Side view of the Spirit of Pennekamp

Snorkeling Tour Boat

Park Law Enforcement Boats

Tidal Creek between Mangroves

Cannon Beach with view of Largo Sound

This how the beach got it name

We did the Mangrove Trail since we had a 2 Hr waite on the glass bottom boat tour

Mangrove information

View at the begining of the trail

Tidal Creek between Mangroves

Bridge on the Mangrove Trail

The entire Mangrove Trail is a boardwalk

Kayak going through Canoe Trail

View of Canoe Trail from observation tower

Mangrove Trail observation tower

Katie taking a break on Mangrove Trail bridge

Pair of silk spiders in their web along boardwalk

Far Beach Area

Danny with Largo Sound in background

Another view of Largo Sound at beach area

Were on the boat and heading out the channel

Making a turn on the channel

Osprey nest on channel marker

Mother is at home sitting on her eggs


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Winter 2005 - 2006