John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

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One of two Jellyfish we saw going out of the channel

We are arriving at Molasses Reef

At 3 1/2 miles out we begin to see the reef in approximatley 35 feet of water

1 of 2 glass bottom viewing areas on the boat

Beginning of the coral reef

Several fish swiming by

Pieces of coral on the bottom

Fish with coral

More and more fish with coral

Broken pieces of coral on ocean floor

Sunlight on coral and fish

Green ball is brain coral, with fern coral

We are in about 15 feet of water here

Fish with coral

Edge of a ledge on the reef

Fern coral with another type of coral

Fish in crevis of coral reef

Unknown type of coral here

Coral and fish are everwhere

A little bit of sunlight makes a great picture when the boat is turned just right

Katie giving camera 101 class

On our way back home down the channel

Not far from dockside now, 2 1/2 hours sure went fast


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Winter 2005 - 2006