Tampa Electric Co (TECO) Manatee Viewing Center

Apollo Beach, FL

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Welcome Sign


Entrance to viewing pier and visitors center

People on viewing pier

Tampa Electric Power Plant

There is about 12 Manatees in this picture

There were many cows and calfs

Here is one coming up for a breath of air

They sure loved the warm water from the power plant

Cow and her calf swimming side by side

More Manatees coming up for air

Here is another one getting a breath of air

More air please

Here is a bunch of them

View of vistors center from pier

Manatees are tagged

Left bone is a manatee flipper. Pretty close to looking like a small human arm and hand. Right bone is a rib from a Manatee

Lower jaw bone of a Manatee. Manatees have regenerating molars. As they loose their front teeth new ones are replaced in the back of their jaw.

Their other teeth move forward replacing the ones they have lost


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Winter 2004- 2005