Shark Valley Entrance, Everglades National Park

One of three entrance's to the Everglades

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Great white heron alongside of borrow pit. Borrow pits were made to build roadway for Tram

Another view of the borrow pit

Birds in sawgrass along another borrow pit

Same borrow pit, differant view

Baby alligator

Another baby alligator

Alligator in sawgrass

Alligator in sawgrass alongside borrow pit

Wood Stork. These birds are on the endangered species list

Yes, those are fish in the water

Alligator in sawgrass, and more fish

Alligators at entrance to observation tower

Gator in observation tower lake

Walkway to observation tower. Observation Tower is 7 miles from visitor center

Shark Valley Observation Tower, 60 feet above sea level

Walkway up to observation tower

Another view of the walkway

View from observation tower. Tram in background, and roadway back to visitor center

That's Mom in the comfort station area

Close up of Mom

Everglades view from tower

Another view of everglades, unknown direction

Lake below tower, 2 gators on side of the lake bank

Another view of tower lake


I think this one is a blue heron

Everglades 20 mile view. At least that's what the guide said

Mom headed back to the tram without us. We had 15 minutes at the observation tower

Katie is on her way back down the walkway. I have no idea what Mom is doing down there!


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