Exploring Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, By Bicycle


Danny and Ron starting out on the 7 mile trip to the observation tower

Susan trying to pass Danny

Our first Great Blue Herron

Break time for Susan

Our first alligator sighting

One of many turtle sightings

Our first alligator alongside the roadway

Ron keeping his distance

Group of Anhinga's drying their wings

Another Turtle shot

Baby alligator

A Wood Stork keeping his eye on us

Great Blue Herron on take off

Yet another alligator along the roadway

We finally make it to the observation tower

Katie getting a picture of the gator, the tram, or the tower

Danny makes it by the big one on the side of the road

Susan and Katie on the observation towner

Here comes Ron

Ron and Susan on the observation tower

Danny & Katie on the observation tower

That is 8 miles back to the vistors center

One of many crows that will take things that are not tied down on bicycles parked at the observation tower


Winter 2005- 2006