The Dry Tortugas, North America's most inaccessible National Park. The Park lies in the  blue/green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, 70 miles due West of Key West.  Flight time is approximately 35 minutes each way and at 500 feet there is excellent sight-seeing.

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Katie is ready to go

This is de plane, a Cessna 206

Some of the uninhabited mangrove islands

"The Arbutus", Mel Fisher's divers 70' treasure hunting work vessel. Sank due to hull deterioration.

Our air speed is 110MPH

20 Miles out, flying over a area known as the Flats. Water depth is 3 to 5 feet

Garden Key and our first view of Fort Jefferson

Taxing to the Seaplane Beach

North Beach Coaling Dock ruins

Entrance to Fort Jefferson

Entrance walkway bridge across moat

East side of fort wall with view of harbor light

Katie watching for fish

East view looking toward Bush Key, where the bird nesting area is

Starting our tour

View inside of the fort looking North

Water on The Dry Tortugas

The archways of Fort Jefferson

Information on the Gun Rooms

Some of the 303 Gun Rooms

Inside of the East wall of the fort

Gun Rooms on the second level of the fort

Bush Key bird nesting area

Officer's Quarters

8" Columbiad Cannon on top of fort wall

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