De Soto National Memorial

Bradenton, FL

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Entrance to the memorial

Parking area

Replica of Spanish Camp

View of memorial marker

Katie at memorial entrance

Spanish Hut

Visitor Center water front

View of Gumbo-limbo trees which are indigenous to this part of Florida

Hernando de Soto Memorial

Plaque at De Soto Memorial

About De Soto's journey

De Soto visitors center

Display inside visitors center

Full suit of Spanish Armor

Armor plaque

Double-edged-sword plaque

16th-Century Spanish helmets

Tactics of Conquest

De Soto's approximate 4,000 mile route in the southeastern United Sates that took 4 years

Beginning of the De Soto Memorial Trail

Replica of some indians that De Soto met

Spanish soldier replica along trail

Which way did those indians go?

The trail going through mangrove swamp

One of many creatures you might see in the mangrove swamp


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