On the way to the Sunshine State, we stopped in Knoxville to see the newest member of our family


Andrew Joseph Loar

December 15,2004 @ 11:02 AM /  Knoxville, TN

7 Lbs .8 Ounces / 20 1/4"

Proud new parents, Joesph & Kelli

Great Grandma with AJ

Great Grandma giving new mom some tips

Dad with new son AJ

Great Uncle Danny and AJ

Great Aunt Katie checking out AJ

Great Aunt Katie and AJ

AJ !st Christmas Tree

I think Great Grandma is just a little bit proud here

New mother Kelli opening AJ's Christmas Presents

Grandma Corcia finally gets to hold AJ

Grandpa Corcia with AJ

Great Grandma trying to get AJ in the Spirit Of Christmas

Four Generations Here

Four Generations, side view


AJ on 3/7/2005

Winter 2004- 2005