The Carriage House

Now is home to the The Carriage House Cafe

Originally built as horse stalls

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The Museum

More about the Seiberling Family

The Manor House

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Driveway to The Manor House

Landscaping in Elliptical Garden

More landscaping in Elliptical Garden

View of Great Meadow

View of Manor House across Elliptical Garden

Front of Manor House

Another front view

Center view Grape Arbor

Tea Houses

Tea House view

Tea House area

View from Tea House balcony

View from Tea House balcony

View from Tea House balcony of downtown Akron

Lagoon view from Tea House balcony

View from Tea House of Corbin Conservatory and Grape Arbor

Looking through Birch Allee Vista toward Tea Houses

Great Garden view

Breakfast Room Garden

Breakfast Room Garden, 2nd view

Rear entrance to Manor House

West Overlook view

The West Overlook

North Lawn Area

Bowling Lawn view

Rear view of Manor House

English Garden

English Garden, 2nd view

Dell area

Rest time for the tour group

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