From Bar Harbor, ME to Yarmouth, NS

On Board Guide

The120 mile trip takes just under 3 Hrs

THE CAT Dockside in Bar Harbor, ME

Rear view of THE CAT

Ramp that you drive onto the ship. View is from rear of the ship

Parking lot for autos boarding ferry

We departed Bar Harbor, ME at 8AM

Bikers securing their bikes for the trip

Looking toward the rear of the ship from the 1st floor

Couple putting finishing touches on their tie down straps

Lounge area on the CAT

The CAT: Fast Facts

The CAT™ is North America’s most exciting, state-of-the-art ferry! It’s more than just a mode of transportation. It’s fast, it’s fun—and full of surprises!
Consider these fast facts:

• The CAT’s unique wave-piercing hulls don't ride on top of the waves—they cut through them.

• A revolutionary catamaran design funnels the power of The CAT’s four 9500-horsepower       engines through four water jets.   

• From the stern (rear) of the ship, you can watch the water jets of The CAT shoot out a tail   over 20 feet high and 50 feet long!

• The CAT is the only North American ferry that can fly up to 775 passengers, 250 cars and 14 motor coaches across the ocean at highway speeds.

• The aluminum required to build The CAT could produce more than 32 million beverage cans!

• The CAT’s four water jets could fill an Olympic swimming pool in 33 seconds

Nova Scotia 2006