Navarre Beach, FL

     The picture above is a building that some friends of our friends had a condo in.  This picture was taken in 2004 after it had been hit by two major hurricanes and one minor one.  The open spaces on the bottom used to be condos, not for parking cars!  Below are some pictures what it looks like now, almost two years later. 

View from street

Parking area in front of building is now covered with approximately 2' of sand

Close up view

Bridge from mainland across Santa Rosa Sound to Navarre Beach

Pier on Navarre Beach

One of two sections of pier damaged by hurricane

Close up view of damage

Second section of damaged pier

Unknown tower looking East on beach

Damaged sections of pier

Last house at end of beach

Close up view

Workers had been making repairs when 2nd hurricane hit

Looking up at entrance door under home

Construction trailer buried in sand

2nd view of construction trailer

There is 7 miles of road covered with up to 4' of sand beyond the gate

Notice pilings leaning on 2nd home

View 2 of leaning pilings

Home across the street


Where is Navarre Beach, FL ?   "Click Here"


Winter 2005 - 2006