Fort Barrancas is located on the Pensacola Naval Air Station Grounds,

And is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park

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View from road of Fort Barrancas

Vistors Entrance

Time for a little picnic before the tour of the fort

Section of outer counterscarp wall in front of water battery

Drawbridge across dry ditch. Assaulting infantry entering the ditch would suffer heavy casualties from muskets firing through windows in walls

Counterscarp Gallery

Drawbridge is operated by counterweight and winch, it pivots at the center. It could be raised to prevent a surprise attack.

Guard Room inside of drawbridge

Archway in scarp gallery

Entrance to power magazine

Powder magazine room

Cannor on Parade Ground wall

Cannon mounts on Parade Ground Wall

View of Water Battery and Pensacola Bay

Fort Pickens across Pensacola Bay is closed due to damage from hurricane's

Kodak moment at cannon site

Redtail Hawk landed on top of flag pole just after previous picture was taken

View of Pensacola Lighthouse from fort wall

Water Battery plaque

Tunnel to Water Battery Area


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