Everglades National Park Flamingo Visitors Center Closed

        As the Flamingo Visitors Center was recovering from a 5 foot storm surge delivered by Hurricane Katrina on August 25; it was hit again by Hurricane Wilma on October 24, 2005 resulting in a second storm surge of bay water up to 8 feet deep.  Hurricane Wilma not only delivered a storm surge, she left approximately 6 inches of salted mud across the land bordering Florida Bay.  Between flood and mud Flamingo has been facing a challenging recovery.  Sunday December 18, the road reopened for day use only, from Mahogany Hammock to the White water Bay boat launch at Flamingo (approximately 12 miles).  Fuel, food, lodging, tours, rentals, and bait are not available.  The Flamingo Lodge & Marina are closed until further notice.  Dredging and dock repair are necessary prior to reopening the Marina.

Entrance to Flamingo Visitors Center parking area

Roadway from Flamingo Visitors Center parking area

This is as close as we were allowed to the visitors center

Flamingo Marina

One of 3 house boat rentals that were resting in the Marina Parking Area

I have to beleive the storm surge did this

This one was close to the boat rental building

Section of dock laying under house boat

Damage to house boat rental

More damage to house boat rental

Rear of house boat rentals

Dockside utility station

It's hard to tell if the Osprey's Nest is still on top of the hoist, like it was last year

Marina close up. We did not see any of the smaller rental boats anywhere

Dock area on far side of Marina

Debris on docks

Sand and mud on dock

View towards visitors center

Uprooted tree, notice stubs on tree to the left. We saw a lot this on all the trees

They have cleaned up a bunch of tree limbs

Still more tree stubs

Area behind Marina Parking covered with sand and mud

We saw this scene all along the roadway down to the visitors center


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