Sunset on the Gulf Of Mexico

After 42 days with Katie and I, my mother decided that it was time she should go home and take care of business.  She had originally only planed to spend two weeks with us, but every time she talked with one of her friends back home, they told her to "stay down here, don't come home".  She flew out of Tampa International today at 3:20 PM, and was safely back in Columbus, OH at 5:35 PM.  Her granddaughter Kelli, with new great grandson Andrew Joseph (aka AJ), and my sister were there to meet her.  She was surprise to see her new great grandson again, although she told me on the phone later that he had slept through her entire homecoming.  Katie and I sure enjoyed Mom staying with us, and we are already starting to miss her tonight.  We told her "if it gets to cold up there, hop on a plane and let us know which Florida Airport she is flying into, and we would be there to pick her up".

Love You Mom!


Winter 2004 - 2005