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Holiday Villas III

Indian Shores, FL

Our location this week in the Sunshine State

Close up of our location


Sunday January 23,2005

Getting ready for the Sunday morning walk-a-thon

Looking for Katie

Here she comes!

View from our 7th floor balcony

Balcony view looking North

We are able to see our trailer from across the street

Looking down 1 of the 2 atriums in the building

Beach view looking North

Beach view looking South

Surf's Up Today!

The pool area of the Holiday Villas

One of two Dolphins that were going down the river

Mom surfing the net. "I think she might be hooked"!

Katies air plants on her new rock that she found on the beach

Holiday Villas III, South view from the beach

Dolphin Video

This is a 4 MB Video File that has been edited of the Dolphin's swimming down the river.  If you are using a dial up modem, it could take up to 30 minutes to download, as it did me, or up too two minutes on a broadband connection, depending on your speed.  Windows Media Player will play the video.  The background noise is the 15 - 25 MPH wind, and a temperature of 52 degrees, that we had here today with the cold front moving in tonight.


Dolphin Video

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